Used KEPCO KS3G-15 #9177902 for sale

ID: 9177902
Power supply.
KEPCO KS3G-15 is a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective power supply that is a great upgrade for industries that require demanding output power requirements. This power supply has three outputs, which can output a maximum of 15A and 230VAC each. With an input voltage range of 475-550VAC at 47-63 Hz, this power supply can easily adjust its output voltage to match the required output voltage. As well, this power supply has a power factor correction up to 99% and its large filtering capacitance generates stable and reliable output voltage. This power supply also features a wide operating temperature range from -20 to +55 degrees Celsius. This ensures that it can work in any environment, both hot and cold, without damaging the internal electronics. This power supply is also protected from overvoltage, short-circuiting, and abnormalities using its built-in control circuit. Furthermore, this power supply has many safety functions that prevent it from damaging itself or its surroundings. This includes current limiting, overload protection, and input/output transistor protection. KS3G-15 also uses advanced technology that allows it to achieve high efficiency and low-noise operation. This results in improved system reliability and less total power consumption. Additionally, this power supply has wide-band noise filtering and its mounting holes provide a neat and secure installation. The general construction of this power supply is built to last, as it utilizes a flame-retardant material. The use of this material ensures a safe and secure operation of this power supply, providing a greater sense of safety and security for the operator. When purchasing this power supply, buyers also have the option of an accessary package. This package includes an antiheat fin, which improves air flow and helps to reduce the temperature inside the unit. It also includes mounting hardware and output cables, allowing the power supply to be easily installed in the customer's existing layout. Overall, KEPCO KS3G-15 is a great power supply for modern industry needs. With its power output, effective temperature range, built-in safety features, efficient technology, and general construction, this power supply provides great value for the money.
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