Used KIKUSUI (Power Supplies) for sale

KIKUSUI is a well-known manufacturer that specializes in power supplies, offering a range of analogues that are highly regarded in the industry. These power supplies come with various advantages that make them popular among professionals. One of the main advantages of KIKUSUI power supplies is their high performance and accuracy. These power supplies are designed to provide stable and precise output, ensuring the reliability of the devices or systems being powered. KIKUSUI power supplies also come with a wide voltage and current range, allowing for flexibility in various applications. The PCR500L is one of KIKUSUI's popular power supplies. It is a single-phase AC power supply that offers a maximum output of 500VA. With its excellent regulation and low output noise, it is suitable for testing and validation of electronic devices and components. Another notable model is the PLZ 164WA, which is a programmable DC electronic load. It is capable of handling a maximum power of 1000W, making it ideal for a wide range of testing and verification purposes. It offers high-speed response and exceptional stability. The PCR1000L is a single-phase AC power supply that delivers a maximum output of 1000VA. It features a built-in arbitrary waveform generator and is commonly used in a variety of applications, including product development, research, and production line testing. Overall, KIKUSUI power supplies, such as the PCR500L, PLZ 164WA, and PCR1000L, offer high performance, accuracy, and flexibility, making them reliable choices for professionals in various industries.