Used KYOSAN HPK-15Zi #9157928 for sale

ID: 9157928
Vintage: 2004
DC Power supplies 2004 vintage.
KYOSAN HPK-15Zi is a high performance DC power supply designed for powering multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously. This power supply features a waterproof construction designed for testing equipment in harsh operating environments. It can be used to provide AC or DC power to a variety of devices such as solar arrays, industrial equipment, and medical devices. HPK-15Zi has an output of +24V/0-15A and is equipped with a digital LCD display for current, voltage, power and power-on time. KYOSAN HPK-15Zi is equipped with a high frequency PWM switch mode technology that makes it reliable and efficient. This advanced technology allows for higher currents and lower ripple current, which helps reduce noise and reduces the overall power consumption of the unit. It also features over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection to keep your equipment safe from damage, and reverse polarity protection to protect against incorrect wiring. HPK-15Zi is constructed from sturdy-grade aluminum and features a built-in cooling fan to keep the unit cool. It also has a built-in digital timer for accurate timing of operations and is IP67 water-resistant to protect against dust and water intrusion. Additionally, the unit is equipped with built-in EMI filter for elimination of problem frequencies caused by other apparatus in the surrounding environment. KYOSAN HPK-15Zi is designed to be easily installed and maintained, as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions that makes set-up and operations a snap. The user friendly setup makes it quick and simple to get up and running, and the unit's low power and high efficiency make it an ideal choice for powering your devices and providing optimal performance. Overall, HPK-15Zi is an excellent power supply option for powering multiple pieces of equipment at once. Its waterproof construction and advanced PWM switch mode technology make it reliable and efficient in harsh conditions, and its advanced protection circuit ensures that your equipment will remain safe from over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit damage. With its easy and user friendly installation setup, low power consumption and high efficiency, this power supply is the perfect choice for powering multiple pieces of equipment and providing optimal performance.
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