Used KYOSAN HPL10ZI-TE2 #9164610 for sale

ID: 9164610
DC Power supply.
KYOSAN HPL10ZI-TE2 is a high power, programmable power supply designed to provide reliable, consistent and efficient power to a wide range of applications. It has both a fixed output of 10A and an adjustable output of up to 20A. It is capable of both DC and AC voltage outputs up to 250V and comes with a variety of programmable features that give the user maximum flexibility for their power supply needs. HPL10ZI-TE2 features overload protection with a trip level of up to 160A and works with a wide range of current ratings from 0.1 to 20A. It is also capable of a wide range of output voltages including 0 to 25V DC, 0 to 250V AC and 0 to 250V AC/DC. The device is also equipped with a low total harmonic distortion that helps minimize interference with other sensitive electronics. KYOSAN HPL10ZI-TE2 is designed for easy use with its intuitive user interface, which features an LCD display with a context-sensitive key panel. This allows the user to easily set voltage and current limits, as well as program different types of functions. It also has programmable parameters such as delay, ramp, and sequencing. This helps to ensure that the power supply can be used in the most optimal way for the application. One of the most advantageous features of HPL10ZI-TE2 is its low ripple which helps to reduce signal noise as well a reduce the risk of degradation to connected devices. It also features low power dissipation so that the device doesn't overheat. This low power dissipation helps to ensure reliability, even during prolonged usage periods. Overall, KYOSAN HPL10ZI-TE2 is a high quality, reliable and easy to use programmable power supply that provides a wide range of advantages for a variety of both AC and DC applications. With its overload protection, low ripple and low power dissipation, it has the capability to provide reliable power even in the most demanding situations.
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