Used KYOSAN NAK-5A #9158272 for sale

ID: 9158272
Vintage: 2004
RF Auto-matching controllers 2004 vintage.
KYOSAN NAK-5A is a 5V DC power supply that provides a reliable and stable source of electrical power. It is designed to handle up to 5A load and features a wide input voltage range from 100 to 240V AC. The power supply also features overload, output short circuit and over voltage protection to prevent any damage to connected devices. It has an efficiency rating of up to 85%, and its wide operating temperature range of -25 to +60 degrees Celsius allows the power supply to be used in a variety of applications and environments. The power supply consists of a wide selection of input connectors and output terminals. The input plug is an IEC320 C14 inlet, and the output terminals can accommodate up to 10AWG wire. The power supply also has two 2.1mm DC outputs with an adjustable voltage range of between 3.0 and 5.1V. The adjustable output allows for more precise control over the output level, allowing the user to tailor the output power to the needs of the devices being powered. NAK-5A also offers a wide variety of safety features which help to ensure the safety of the user. It is protected against electrical overstress, over temperature, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. It has a high surge current rating of up to 180A peak enabling the power supply to handle sudden power consumption changes such as a voltage spike or short circuit. Overall, KYOSAN NAK-5A is an ideal power solution for those applications requiring a reliable, stable power source with adjustable output and safety features. The adjustable output voltage range and wide input voltage range make it suitable to a variety of applications, while its high surge current rating ensures that it remains operational, even during sudden electricity surges or short circuits.
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