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ID: 9159918
Power supply.
LAMBDA 19 is a power supply designed for industrial applications, such as factory automation, welding, and other high-power applications. The device uses advanced technology to deliver reliable power, even in extreme environments. It is a single-output, switched-mode power supply, meaning that it produces an adjustable and steady voltage output (constant-voltage). 19 has two wide-range AC inputs which allow for easy connection to any power source, and it accepts a wide range of input voltages in either AC or DC form. The device allows for high efficiency, with peak efficiency reaching 88% in most models. With its over-voltage protection, the unit shuts down the output when the voltage reaches the limit, ensuring safe operation of the system. It also has current fold-back technology to limit excess output current and provide complete protection from overloads. LAMBDA 19 also features continuous remote static voltage adjustment, allowing the user to move the voltage output from zero to the full-rated value by means of a single external control voltage. In addition, this device uses advanced modulation techniques and analog components, enabling the specific voltage or frequency regulation parameter to be changed. 19 is highly reliable and rugged, making it suitable for industrial applications. It also features a built-in EMI filter and a wide ambient temperature range, allowing for operation in extreme environments. It is designed to have a long lifetime, and when installed correctly, will last decades. Furthermore, built-in protection mechanisms allow for the device to be operated with no worry of over-heating or damage to other components. Overall, LAMBDA 19 is an advanced and reliable power supply that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Its extensive features and protection methods ensure it will perform highly reliably and safely for decades.
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