Used LAMBDA EMI E19009020 REV A #9174969 for sale

ID: 9174969
Power supply P/N: 004731930.
LAMBDA EMI E19009020 REV A power supply is a high-quality device built to meet the stringent EMI (electromagnetic interference) and safety requirements of industrial equipment. This supply is a reliable and cost-efficient option for a variety of applications. E19009020 REV A has an input voltage selection of 85-264VAC and 47-63Hz, and a low current rating at 2.1A for both 115VAC and 230VAC. This power supply is designed to provide industrial and medical equipment with a reliable, low EMI power source. LAMBDA EMI E19009020 REV A has a maximum output voltage of 24V, a short-circuit protection, and a typical one-year warranty. E19009020 REV A is rated for safety in accordance with UL 508, EN60950-1, and other international requirements. It meets the requirements of both common-mode noise suppression and differential-mode noise suppression, making it suitable for a wide variety of industries. The REV A power supply has a UL550 Class B rating for both EMI and safety to minimize interference with other electronic systems in the vicinity. LAMBDA EMI E19009020 REV A has built-in safety features, such as an over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection. The power supply has a high power factor of 0.8 or higher, which results in a lower total harmonic distortion and improved efficiency. Furthermore, it features a high-efficiency switching power supply design, which ensures reliable operation without wasting power or causing additional EMI noise. E19009020 REV A power supply is designed with a wide range of pluggable DC connectors to accommodate various customer requirements. This allows customers to quickly and easily customize the power supply for their application. Additionally, the power supply also features over-voltage LED indicators, a DC output on/off switch, and a fan-cooled heatsink to keep the device cool during high-load operation. In summary, LAMBDA EMI E19009020 REV A power supply is a reliable, cost-efficient, and low EMI power source to support a variety of industrial and medical applications. It meets the strict EMI and safety requirements, and is designed with a range of pluggable DC connectors, built-in safety features, and a high-efficiency switching power supply design. This device provides reliable and high-quality power for a long operating life.
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