Used LASER DRIVE INC / LDI LDI-800 #9172989 for sale

ID: 9172989
Vintage: 2001
Laser diode supply 2001 vintage.
LASER DRIVE INC / LDI LDI-800 is a power supply manufactured by LDI./LASER DRIVE INC, a company committed to providing high-level safety and reliability in their electrical solutions. It is a lightweight, switching, DC/DC power supply designed to help supply a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical applications, particularly for use in railway transportation and industrial communication. LDI LDI-800 is the first device from LASER DRIVE INC / LDI product range to feature high-density, high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology. This allows the supply to run efficiently and at higher current levels than standard switching supplies. The high frequency switching gives it greater power density, meaning it's capable of supplying higher output currents over a wide range of input voltages. LASER DRIVE INC LDI-800 is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for applications where other power supplies might be unsuitable. It is rated for operations between a minimum of 75 volts DC to a maximum of 400 volts DC. It is also capable of a maximum output of 600 Watts and can output a full range of voltages in 20 different models, allowing for a wide selection of power supply solutions. To ensure safety, LDI-800 has an integrated safety circuit with a low-voltage shutoff feature. This allows the power supply to shut off when it detects a defective or protective circuit, protecting both the electronics and the user from potential harm. It also has a power factor corrected design that is EMC tested to EN 61000-3-2 and EN 61000-3-3 standards, giving it protection from electromagnetic interference pollution. LASER DRIVE INC / LDI LDI-800 is made of precision components and has a simple, attractive industrial design. It is protected from shock and vibration, meaning it can be easily mounted in a variety of different environments with minimal disruption. The power supply has an isolated case for extra safety and is fanless, meaning it is silent and can be used in domestic and office environments without distraction. Overall, LDI LDI-800 is an advanced, reliable and versatile power supply that is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. With integrated safety features and silent operation, LASER DRIVE INC LDI-800 is a great choice for applications that need a safe and efficient power supply.
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