Used LAYER ZERO eSTS #9175239 for sale

ID: 9175239
Static transfer switches Input & output voltage: 480 V (3) Wires, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 400 A.
LAYER ZERO eSTS is an advanced power supply technology that has been designed to meet the demands of the most robust and mission critical applications, providing the most reliable power supply routing and distribution available. The technology delivers a diverse range of benefits. By creating a virtual topology to carry power throughout an IT environment, it improved equipment power redundancy and uptime while also reducing power consumption. By regulating and equalizing current distribution on the contact segments of power cables, it minimizes potential fire risks and eliminates resistance due to inadequate current flow. It also reduces ground loop noise for better system performance, lowers circuit impedance and shortens the turn-on latency time for better power supply reaction to power supply load changes. ESTS is a modular power supply technology that combines many unique features in one unit, making it easier to customize and scale. Its modular design allows for improved scalability, providing higher power capacity for future growth. The technology also comes with various power supply bays, offering a higher power capacity in each bay. It also supports a wide range of alternative sources of power, from AC to DC, making it an ideal power source for every type of application. LAYER ZERO eSTS makes reliable power routing and distribution possible without any additional infrastructure. It uses DC-DVR (dual cross circuit direct voltage regulation) to regulate and equalize current distribution, distributes power to the load, supports power redundancy with N+1 redundancy, and uses local voltage isolation to improve machine security. It also provides max power rating, voltage range, temperature range, power factor correction, power redundancy, and power sequencing support. The technology also comes with built-in safety features, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, surge protection, and brownout protection. With its smart power management tool, ESTS automatically monitors the power supply's health, providing proactive notifications and alarms when the power supply reaches a critical threshold. Overall, LAYER ZERO eSTS delivers an efficient, reliable, and secure power supply solution for the most demanding applications. With its features and advanced technology, ESTS remains the go to choice for power routing and distribution for today's mission critical applications.
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