Used LIEBERT DH265GUAAEI #9174849 for sale

ID: 9174849
Glycol downflow CRAC unit 20 Ton 460 V.
LIEBERT DH265GUAAEI is a highly efficient and powerful power supply. This unit has a constant boost design for a powerful and dynamic output. The Level C voltage rating of this power supply is 265-280 VAC. The nominal input voltage, when operating at full load is either 208 or 240 VAC, depending on the application requirements. This unit has a regulated output voltage of 24 VDC, which makes it ideal for powering heavy-duty machines and equipments. It also provides overload protection for any input voltage above 200 VAC, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety. DH265GUAAEI incorporates a temperature compensator that keeps the output accurately regulated and constant. This unit also features an active power factor correction system that reduces energy loss and improves efficiency. The fan performance of this unit is excellent and it has a high-performance thermal conduction system for enhanced heat dissipation. Additionally, this power supply has short-circuit and overload protection, as well as overload indicator LED's. LIEBERT DH265GUAAEI also comes with a fan tray assembly that assists in air circulation. This power supply is designed for continuous duty use and features a wide operational temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. The low-voltage operation of this model ensures that it is compliant with relevant safety standards. Additionally, the power factor of this power supply is always greater than 0.98, providing efficient power delivery. Overall, DH265GUAAEI offers a great solution for power supply needs.
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