Used LIEBERT PPA150C #9175228 for sale

ID: 9175228
Vintage: 2001
Power distribution unit With EXC300 (6) 225 Amp panels 2001 vintage.
LIEBERT PPA150C is a high efficiency, low latency uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides reliable power protection to critical systems and equipment in commercial IT and industrial environments. This advanced 150 kVA solution is designed to maximize uptime with sophisticated monitoring and protection from power events such as surges, sags, and brownouts. PPA150C offers a segment-redundant, three-phase power output, ensuring optimal equipment and equipment protection through advanced surge protection, power conditioning, and battery backup capabilities. In addition, LIEBERT Active Load Sharing technology ensures continuous, reliable power delivery to each system load during normal and emergency situations. With a wide input voltage range and automatic voltage regulation (AVR) support, LIEBERT PPA150C helps to maintain the highest levels of performance for even the most power-hungry equipment. PPA150C features an intuitive touchscreen LCD display for simple, convenient unit management. The display shows important information such as input, output, and battery backup details, as well as a range of machine diagnostics including temperature monitoring and alarms. This allows users to quickly assess device performance, identify potential power problems, and take corrective action if required. LIEBERT PPA150C has also been designed for easy installation and maintenance. The device can be rack-mounted in either a 19-inch or 23-inch rack enclosure, and features an integrated maintenance bypass switch with support for manual and auto bypass operations. This helps maximize uptime and minimize possible disruption to critical systems. PPA150C is designed to deliver the highest levels of power protection and reliability. With advanced features, multiple power configurations, and seamless integration with both upstream and downstream systems, LIEBERT PPA150C is the ideal solution for protecting critical systems and equipment in commercial IT and industrial applications.
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