Used LIEBERT PPA150C #9175234 for sale

ID: 9175234
Vintage: 1987
Power distribution unit (3) 225 Amp panels 1987 vintage.
LIEBERT PPA150C is a power supply unit designed to provide reliable and consistent output power in a wide range of professional and industrial applications. With its exceptional compatibility and adjustable output power, PPA150C is ideal for applications that require high quality power supply options, such as manufacturing, data centers, telecom and broadcast, and remote back-up power systems. LIEBERT PPA150C is a modular power supply that utilizes a Universal AC Input, which allows it to be used all around the world without the need for a specific type of power supply. The AC input range on the unit is between 80 and 305 VAC with a frequency range of 45 to 65 Hz. The PPA150 is also protected to withstand a maximum input surge of up to 3000 VAC and withstand short-term disturbances of up to 3000A. Additionally, the power supply unit is also designed with an overcurrent protection. The output power is adjustable and can be set to one of three predetermined voltage levels - 110, 120, or 230VAC. The maximum output current for PPA150C is 150A in single-phase configuration and 90A in three-phase configuration. The adjustable output power feature ensures the unit can adapt to different power requirements. LIEBERT PPA150C has an extraordinary environmental design, with an ambient temperature range between 0 and 50° Celcius and a maximum relative humidity of 95%. Additionally, the power supply unit meets UL/CSA 60950 standards, is certified to the restrictive RoHS and CE requirements, and is designed to meet FCC Class B limits. PPA150C power supply unit also offers high-lockable casters that ensure maximum mobility and its weight of 70 Lbs makes it easy to move. Additionally, front mount LED indicators provide necessary information about input and output power, which makes this modular unit a great choice for multiple power applications requiring reliable power from a single source.
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