Used LIEBERT RDC442GP15 #9175240 for sale

ID: 9175240
Vintage: 2006
Remote power distribution unit panels 2006 vintage.
LIEBERT RD Series is a family of power supply units that provide an easy and reliable solution for data center power needs. LIEBERT RD442GP15 is a single-phase, output voltage, power supply unit that is designed to meet the needs of data centers requiring up to 15kW of power. The RD442GP15 is designed with a 96% efficiency rating and features a variety of management controls including phase balancing, power monitoring, and data center temperature tracking. The unit is built with a robust enclosure, has a 2U form factor allowing for a more compact installation, and comes with a variety of accessories. The RD442GP15 offers a range of surge protection for AC and DC power, as well as a full range of options and accessories. The unit features high-efficiency rotational components for maximum power output, allowing for higher power density and more efficient operation. The variable speed fan in the RD442GP15 provides low-noise cooling, and a built-in Dynamic Bypass Switch allows for faster redirection of power distribution during overloads and provides transient voltage protection. Additionally, LIEBERT RD442GP15 has a wide range of primary input AC voltage, making it suitable for use in a variety of locations. For protection and monitoring, the RD442GP15 offers isolated currents for each phase, temperature monitoring and current monitoring. The unit also features an LED status indicator to alert the user to power, temperature, and overload conditions. Additionally, the RD442GP15 features an AC-DC redundancy option for higher availability solutions. Overall, the RD442GP15 offers a feature-rich solution for data center power needs. Its high efficiency rating, advanced management options, and easy installation make it an ideal choice for powering your data center. By partnering the RD442GP15 with other LIEBERT solutions, your data center can benefit from the performance, efficiency, and reliability of LIEBERT RD Series.
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