Used MINI-CIRCUITS ZBSC-615 #9165715 for sale

ID: 9165715
High power amplifier.
MINI-CIRCUITS ZBSC-615 is a single-output, high-efficiency DC-DC power supply designed with a narrow form factor for use in high-density applications. This power supply utilizes a 15VDC input and delivers up to 15 amps of continuous output current. ZBSC-615 features a wide input-voltage range from 10 to 60VDC without any extra components. It boasts a superior line-and-load regulation of 0.02%, with no-load input power draw of only 10mW. In addition, this power supply offers short-circuit protection to ensure that it will not be damaged from excessive overloads. MINI-CIRCUITS ZBSC-615 is also economical, featuring a maximum total power dissipation of 1W, which allows for the elimination of forced-air cooling in most designs. It is temperature-compensated, which makes it especially suitable for use in outdoor applications. It has a near-zero noise signature, making it exceptionally quiet even at the 15A max output. Furthermore, due to its high power density, ZBSC-615 is suitable for a wide range of space-conscious applications. Overall, MINI-CIRCUITS ZBSC-615 is a highly-efficient DC-DC power supply with a slim form factor that can be used in many applications. It has superior line-and-load regulation, a wide input-voltage range, short-circuit protection, high power dissipation, temperature-compensation, and near-zero noise. Its features make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for powering large electronic systems.
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