Used MINI-CIRCUITS ZMSCQ-2-50 #9165716 for sale

ID: 9165716
High power amplifier.
MINI-CIRCUITS ZMSCQ-2-50 is a dual output, 2A, +50V, ultra-low noise power supply. It provides a tightly regulated voltage output with excellent line regulation of 0.1%, load regulation of 0.01% and ripple & noise of <1mVrms. It features a wide range input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC and is suitable for global applications where unstable AC power is a common issue. ZMSCQ-2-50 also offers a wide output voltage range of 0-50V with adjustable over voltage protection. With a peak current of 2.5A on each output, this power supply unit has great current load capabilities. MINI-CIRCUITS ZMSCQ-2-50 has over current, short circuit, and overload protection features, making it a safe and reliable power supply solution. It has a compact size and rugged design, able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. With its UL, VDE, CE marks and compliances to FCC, ZMSCQ-2-50 also meets IEC/EN60950-1 safety standards to ensure reliable, long-term operation in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and medical environments. This power supply also includes four side mounting holes in case permanent installation is required. MINI-CIRCUITS ZMSCQ-2-50 can be remotely sensed and controlled via an external voltage signa. Automatic on/off switching can be enabled via an external control voltage of 5/12VDC, or it can be programmed to switch on/off in response to an external voltage threshold of ≤3V/≥3V. ZMSCQ-2-50 offers an LED indicator that displays power status and can be seen from a distance. MINI-CIRCUITS ZMSCQ-2-50 is engineered for solid state reliability and accuracy, making it suitable to power a variety of applications in medical, industrial, and scientific research. It is ideal as a benchmark for production testing, or in applications that require fast transient response and high accuracy. With its dual outputs, it provides a great solution for powering dual circuit boards and eliminates the need for additional power supplies.
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