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MKS 072825-R200
ID: 9164996
RF Generators For LAM Flex DS etcher.
MKS 072025-R200 is a power supply that meets the safety guidelines and stringent performance specifications of the industrial and electronics circuitry industry. This switch mode power supply features wide input voltage and current range, high efficiency and superior protection. It is equipped with a standard universal ac input of 88-264Vac with active surge protection, allowing the power supply to be used worldwide. MKS 072025-R200 has two outputs with an adjustable output voltage from 0-15V and 0-5A. It also offers protection against short-circuit, over-load and over-voltage. Other features of this power supply includes high line regulation, a low ripple and noise, and a nominal power output of 75W. The output voltage can be switched between 120Vac and 240Vac and the output current can be adjusted between 0.2A to 5A. The high efficiency of this power supply can reduce losses from line dropouts and surcharges, providing more stability at higher temperatures. It is also designed to reduce ripple and noise along with providing EMC filtering, noise suppression, and over heating protection. Its overload protection prevents short circuit and over temperature, making it safer to use. In addition, the power supply is RoHS compliant and UL approved, providing a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective source to power various electronic systems. It also features an active factor correction (PFC), allowing it to reduce emissions such as harmonic distortion and minimize power losses. MKS 072025-R200 is specifically designed to meet most industrial and electronics application needs. It offers a wide range of power levels for higher reliability and performance. Moreover, its flexibility makes it an ideal option for many industrial and electronic applications.
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