Used MKS 2L39-000021-12 #9164615 for sale

MKS 2L39-000021-12
ID: 9164615
DC Power supplies for TEL Vigus Process: Etch.
MKS 2L39-000021-12 is a high-performance power supply unit designed for use across the entire range of industrial applications. The power supply unit is capable of delivering output powers of up to 0.40 A/Watts and 0.50 A/Watts with a sleek and compact form factor. The device also supports a wide input voltage range of 85 to 265 Vac, making it suitable for worldwide use. 2L39-000021-12 power supply unit is designed with a high-efficiency power factor correction circuit, allowing for improved transformer efficiency and increased power factor values. The device has an EMF protection and wide temperature operating range that makes it suitable for almost any application. The innovative features also mean that the power supply unit can deliver more power at a lower cost. Additionally, the unit comes with overload protection, over-voltage protection, current limiting, and insulation test features, allowing for increased safety and a general increase in the life of the device. The unit comes with an efficient built-in power transformer, a bridge rectifier, and lighting arrestor that contributes to the device's stability and protection against short circuits. The integrated filter design and shielded transformer greatly reduce the amount of noise generated by the supply, ensuring its compatibility with industrial automation systems. MKS 2L39-000021-12 power supply unit is fitted with a detachable terminal block that makes for easy wiring and installation. The device is UL listed, allowing it to be used in industrial and commercial set-ups in the United States and Canada. The device also comes with a 1-year factory warranty, offering further peace of mind to users. In summary, 2L39-000021-12 is a high-performance, durable and efficient power supply unit that supports worldwide use. The device is designed for industrial applications and comes with a suite of advanced features and protection functions that ensure improved safety and long-term reliability. The unit's affordability and support for American and Canadian applications make it a great choice for a broad range of users.
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