Used MKS 2L39-000021-21 #9164616 for sale

MKS 2L39-000021-21
ID: 9164616
DC Power supplies for TEL Vigus Process: Etch.
MKS 2L39-000021-21 is an advanced single-phase power supply intended for use in a wide variety of electronics applications. This device is a constant voltage, current-limited power supply, able to deliver up to 300W of power to connected loads. This device offers robust construction, utilizing high-quality steel casing and an efficient thermal design that effectively dissipates heat generated by the power supply under normal operating conditions. Additionally, the power supply features sophisticated circuitry that allows for precise control of both the voltage and current levels while also measuring the load parameters. This unit offers high-end performance, with an output voltage of adjustable from 0-14V DC. Additionally, the device includes a dual setting current limiter, adjustable from 0.1-3A. Other notable features of 2L39-000021-21 power supply include its adjustable temperature regulation for both over-temperature and over-voltage, as well as its adjustable current limit protection, which will ensure safe operation for connected devices. The device has a wide range of uses, such as powering medical, automotive, and industrial equipment. It is also suitable for powering circuit boards in communications and control systems. The power supply is built to withstand high frequency vibration and has a maximum continuous output power of 300W. MKS 2L39-000021-21 has a temperature range of 0-70°C for operation and a humidity range of 20-90% for storage. It features a universal line input with its standard 110V/220V AC power input. To ensure safe operation of connected devices, this power supply has overload protection and a short circuit indicator. The reliability of 2L39-000021-21 power supply is further enhanced by its in-built protection features, including over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. Additionally, this power supply features a high-accuracy current control system that ensures stable output voltage. It meets all safety standards required by the UL and RoHS certifications, ensuring complete user assurance and reliability. In conclusion, MKS 2L39-000021-21 power supply is an advanced single-phase power supply, offering reliable and safe operation when powering electronics and circuit boards. It features adjustable voltage and current levels, as well as several protection features, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
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