Used MKS 660-072826-R200 #9165251 for sale

MKS 660-072826-R200
ID: 9165251
RF Generators For LAM Flex DS etcher.
MKS 660-072826-R200 is a powerful industrial grade power supply that has been designed to meet the toughest demands of any data center or factory environment. It is a single output, programmable, open-frame, insulated case power supply with a voltage range of 24V to 300Vdc and a current output range of 0.5A to 200A. 660-072826-R200 is highly efficient, has surge protection, and is designed to meet both EN 61000-3-2 and EN 60320-1 specifications. It is fitted with a variety of features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection to ensure optimum performance and safety in a variety of applications. MKS 660-072826-R200 has a high-efficiency design and is made from rugged components that make it suitable for high-temperature applications. Its 3-phase input system provides excellent power stability, ensuring consistent output power. Additionally, the integrated active PFC ensures efficient power to maximize energy savings and reduce overall costs. The built-in cooling fan provides efficient cooling and increases the life span of the power supply. 660-072826-R200 has a wide range of power management features and a range of user adjustment options, allowing easy customization. Internal resistors are used to adjust the output voltage and current, while an adjustable current limiter helps in preventing overloading of circuits and motors. A remote on/off switch offers extra security and minimizes power surges when restarting. MKS 660-072826-R200 is a highly reliable power supply that has been designed for long-term usage and can last through multiple factory or data center environments. Its robust construction and high efficiency make it a great choice for applications that require consistent and reliable power. Along with the advanced power management features and high-efficiency design, 660-072826-R200 is an excellent choice for both industrial and data center usage.
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