Used MKS Astron 2L #9174938 for sale

Astron 2L
ID: 9174938
Plasma source P/N: FI20620-1 Run time: 1978 Hrs.
MKS Astron 2L is a linear DC power supply designed for the most demanding applications. It has been manufactured using the highest quality components and is tested extensively to ensure long-term reliability and performance. It provides outputs of 12, 24, 28 and 48 volts with current ratings of 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 amps. Additionally, it can step down a voltage supply of 88 - 132V AC to the desired output voltage. The primary focus of MKS ASTRON2L is its stability. It is able to maintain a voltage regulation of 0.01% and a line regulation of 0.02% - both of which are exceedingly low levels of accuracy. It includes a maximum power control setting to prevent overloads along with an adjustable power factor correction to maintain optimal efficiency. Moreover, it features independent current limiting and over-temperature protection to protect the power supply and the device it's connected to. Astron 2L is equipped with a user-friendly front panel. It includes features such as an output voltage adjust knob, regulation, current limit, and LED indicators. It includes a digital display which allows users to accurately read output voltage and current. It also has a fan speed controller to adjust the speed of its large ball bearing fan for quieter operation. The casing of ASTRON2L is also designed with durability in mind. It is constructed from heavy-duty sheet steel and designed in a U-shape to ensure adequate heat dissipation. An additional advantage is that its wire connections are optimized to prevent accidental short circuits. MKS Astron 2L power supply is suitable for many types of installations. It is a popular choice for industrial, automotive, audio-visual, and remote applications. Its reliability and features make it a powerful and precise power supply for the most demanding of applications.
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