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MKS AX 3151
AX 3151
ID: 9164695
Microwave generator For PSK Supra Etcher.
MKS AX 3151 is a high-voltage power supply designed for industrial applications. It offers a wide range of input voltage, power supply capabilities and options. AX 3151 is a three-phase, high voltage power supply, suitable for use in industry-standard applications, offering a wide output voltage range (0-100 Vdc). MKS AX 3151 features a high-efficiency design that utilizes advanced power control techniques to reduce power consumption. Additionally, AX 3151 comes with a variety of safety features, including a comprehensive single-point shutdown and overload protection, to ensure reliable operation. The continuous output power capability of MKS AX 3151 is up to 10kW with an input voltage range from 200-600 VAC. The supply features an adjustable output voltage via either analog or digital control signals, enabling customers to tailor the power supply to their specific application requirements. It has several configurable options, such as a remote control interface, a temperature measurement and protection system, and programmable digital protection. AX 3151 also includes short circuit protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection to ensure reliable operation. The power supply is designed to operate safely, even in very challenging conditions, such as low-overvoltage or high-overvoltage supply environments. It also includes protection against overloads, short circuits, surges, and open-circuit conditions. Additionally, MKS AX 3151 features automatic power saving mode functionality to reduce energy consumption when the output level is below a certain threshold. Designed for industrial use, AX 3151 meets all relevant EMC standards and is a certified safety-Class 1 product, ensuring stable operation over a long lifetime. Furthermore, the supply is backed by a two-year warranty and has a cost-effective price-performance ratio. In summary, MKS AX 3151 is a high-voltage, three-phase industrial power supply that offers a broad range of input voltage levels, power capabilities, adjustable output voltage, and numerous configurable options. Its safety features, compliance to EMC standards, and long-term warranty make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of industrial applications.
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