Used MKS AX 7670-85 #9165069 for sale

MKS AX 7670-85
AX 7670-85
ID: 9165069
RPS Generators For APPLIED MATERIALS Aventador, CVD System.
MKS AX 7670-85 is a highly reliable, low-cost, digitally controlled AC/DC power supply designed for rigorous applications ranging from laboratory and industrial to medical and military. This versatile, cost-effective and reliable power supply is suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering simple electronics to complex electronic systems. AX 7670-85 power supply features an advanced digital control system, enabling precise voltage and current control as well as high accuracy and precise regulation. The power supply offers a wide input range (85 - 264 VAC) and is capable of delivering up to 700W of power, with a maximum output voltage of up to 76.7V and maximum current of 8.5A. The unit is capable of delivering up to 75% of its rated power in either continuous or burst models and features an adjustable power-on delay, over-voltage/temperature protection, and short-circuit protection with a soft start feature. The advanced digital control allows for precise voltage and current control with a high degree of accuracy and reliable power delivery, making it suitable for use with critical and demanding applications. The power supply offers a wide range of setup and control features, including a host of preset configurations, remote control, and a variety of programmable parameters for advanced applications. The unit can be programmed for voltage, current, power, and startup current settings. The integrated LCD display also provides real-time monitoring of input/output readings, and the power supply can be operated in either manual or automatic mode. The intuitive menu-driven interface helps make setup and control simple and straightforward. MKS AX 7670-85 is also EMC certified, providing excellent immunity to ESD, emission, and immunity to electronic noise. The power supply features an MTBF rating of more than 100,000 hoursand conforms to international safety standards. Additionally, AX 7670-85 power supply is UL, cUL, TUV, and CE approved for quality assurance and comes with a 3-year limited warranty, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of power applications.
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