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MKS AX 8407
AX 8407
ID: 9164788
Ozone generator For HIKE KE_DJ1206VN Diffusion furnace.
MKS AX 8407 is a power supply designed to provide stable, and regulated DC power to industrial and laboratory systems. This reliable power supply offers an eight-digit LED display and 0 - 400 V and 0 - 4 A output range. The features of AX 8407 allow it to be quickly adapted to a wide range of applications. The maximum output voltage of MKS AX 8407 is 400V and the maximum output current is 4A. This power supply is equipped with remote sensing ability which allows the user to accurately measure the output voltage before applying it to the load. The advanced circuitry, connected in parallel with the output voltage, is capable of compensating for voltage drops in the wire connection between the power supply and the load. This ensures that the load gets a steady and exact output voltage regardless of the length, or loss in the wiring. AX 8407 has protection mechanisms that are designed to shut down the power supply in case of overload, over-voltage, or short circuit. This makes the power supply safe to use, even in applications that involve high and variable loads. The power supply also has a comprehensive set of monitoring and display functions that allow for easy debugging of the system. The main display has an eight-digit LED display that shows the real-time output voltage, output current, voltage coefficients, etc. The power supply also has a graphical interface which allows user to adjust the voltage and current settings more accurately. In terms of maintenance, MKS AX 8407 is designed to be easy-to-maintain, with replaceable plug-in modules and a self-diagnostic feature. This feature allows the user to monitor the condition of the power supply and adjust parameters such as current limit and overvoltage protection points. It also features a status indicator which shows the status of the power supply and the cause of any faults. AX 8407 is a reliable, robust and versatile device that can be used in a diversity of industrial and laboratory settings. With safety parameters, accurate voltage and current monitoring, and easy-to-maintain components, MKS AX 8407 is an ideal choice for any application that requires a reliable source of power.
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