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MKS AX 8407A
AX 8407A
ID: 9164789
Ozone generators For APPLIED MATERIALS Producer CVD system.
MKS AX 8407A power supply is a digital, DC-DC power conduction, main power supply designed for applications that require reliable, 150V/200V/250V, high power output. This power supply delivers robust, constant voltage and current with superior accuracy for precise control and reliable operation. The product consists of an AC input module, DC output, and a control board. The AC input module of MKS AX8407A features two transformers which provide both AC inrush current protection and time delay protection during power-up, as well as dual line fusing. The transformers provide flexibility and the ability to comply with variances in input line voltages from 100V to 240V and provide continued operation over a wide range of line voltages. The DC output module features a pair of adjustable DC power supplies and includes balanced, heavy-duty, insulated power outputs that are highly reliable and tolerant of tough environment conditions. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0V to the rated output voltage from the front panel control. The DC output capability of this product is quite impressive with rated power output of up to 150A per phase at 75°C. In addition, the DC power supply features advanced performance capabilities such as short-circuit protection and overvoltage protection, and supports paralleled operation for increased functionality and efficiency. The control board of AX 8407A enables custom communication with a local microprocessor for individual equipment control, and supports a variety of interface protocols such as USB, Ethernet, and Modbus. This allows for custom software development to maximize product performance and reduce system costs. It also has self- diagnostic capabilities that allow for easy unit maintenance through the display of ambient temperature, current, voltage parameters, and machine status indicators. AX8407A power supply is a reliable and durable product that offers impressive features and outstanding power output for any application that requires precise control and constant voltage and current performance over long periods. This power supply is suitable for use in various industrial applications and provides effective protection from unpredictable environmental conditions. The compact design also allows for easy installation in limited spaces.
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