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AX 8560
ID: 9174870
Ozone generator.
MKS AX 8560 is a high-performance, high-end DC power supply manufactured by Morningside Group, renowned for their quality products. It boasts a voltage range of 0 to 60 volts and a current range of 0 to 60 amperes. This makes it suitable for a variety of industrial, vehicular, and consumer applications. MKS AX8560 has several features that make it an ideal choice for such purposes. It features a low ripple rate of 200uV at 20mA, a high current range of 0 to 60A, and provides a variable voltage of 0 to 60V. AX 8560 also features an LCD display, allowing for a convenient, real-time viewing of power output, current, and voltage levels. AX8560 is also unique due to its robust construction. It is built with a heavy-duty all metal case, making it highly resistant to shock, dust, and scratches, and therefore suitable for harsh industrial applications. MKS AX 8560 is considered a reliable and safe power unit. It is equipped with a switch-mode control circuit that ensures continuous power output even during power failures or voltage fluctuation. When it comes to performance, MKS AX8560 far excels. It has an excellent response time of 0.3mS, helping to minimize the risk of cable and load heating. AX 8560 also provides a rapid transient response to changes in the output voltage, with maximum output voltage occuring within 0.1 ms. Overall, AX8560 is an excellent choice for various application scenarios requiring high-precision, high-efficiency DC power. It is an ideal choice for automotive, industrial, consumer, and laboratories purposes with its wide voltage and current ranges, low ripple rate, variable voltage, LCD interfaces and solid construction.
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