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MKS AX3060-10
ID: 9164694
Microwave power supply For ULVAC Rise-300 Diffuser.
MKS AX3060-10 is an AC to DC switching power supply designed for industrial applications with a rated output of 600W at 10A. It offers a wide input voltage range from 85 - 265VAC and a universal input voltage, making this device suitable for use in a variety of environments. The wide voltage input range with active power factor correction ensures greater compatibility with sources and provides a steady output voltage in low voltage conditions. This device has a constant current and constant voltage working mode with fast dynamic response and is able to switch rapidly between these modes, ensuring the output voltage is stable and well regulated. AX3060-10 is an industrial-grade power supply featuring numerous short circuit, overload and overvoltage protections for greater reliability and safety. It has an efficiency of 92% and a high power factor of up to .99 to meet the efficiency standards of the 7th edition of the California Energy Commission's standards for Energy Efficiency for External Power Supplies. The large power range supports a wide range of power consumption and is environmentally friendly with a no-load energy consumption of less than 0.3W, low operating temperature and no pollution. MKS AX3060-10 features a built-in PFC function and measures 4.25 inches wide, 10.12 inches long and 3.14 inches tall. This device has a slim form factor, making it a great choice for applications with limited space. It's designed in a rugged aluminum housing to protect components from impact, vibration and other environmental abuse. Additionally, it's equipped with an LED indicator and a switch to check the power state and make sure it is running properly. AX3060-10 offers a wide range of output voltages from 5V-48V, and is ideal for applications requiring the combination of high power output, energy efficiency, and an extremely compact form factor. It's suitable for use in industrial automation, medical electronics, security and surveillance systems and communications systems, among other applications. This device can be operated in a wide temperature range from ‐20 to 40 degC and offers high power density and high efficiency of up to 91.96%. Overall, MKS AX3060-10 is a reliable power supply designed for industrial use with its wide voltage input range, modern safety features, wide range output voltage, and high efficiency. Its rugged aluminum housing makes it suitable for use in harsh environments and its small form factor makes it a great choice for applications where space is limited. With its long service life, it's an ideal choice for commercial as well as industrial applications.
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