Used MKS AX3060 #9160298 for sale

ID: 9160298
Vintage: 2004
Top mount microwave matching unit 2004 vintage.
MKS AX3060 is a reliable and high-performance power supply system designed for industrial applications and laboratory use. It features a multi-stage power conversion with a maximum output voltage of 30V, up to 60A. This power supply offers excellent accuracy of measurement, with a constant voltage and frequency of 50/60Hz. Its user-friendly interface allows the user to easily set up the current output and voltage range, as well as other settings. AX3060 is equipped with safety features such as over voltage protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection, and current foldback. Additionally, the system utilizes switchable voltage drop compensation, allowing it to maintain precise voltage regulation in any voltage or load conditions. MKS AX3060 is also capable of providing active power factor correction, enabling it to reduce the amount of power drawn from the mains supply while increasing efficiency. Additionally, the system utilizes high-frequency PWM technology, to deliver high speeds, stable performance, and very little noise. With its high current capabilities and robust construction, AX3060 is a reliable and high-performance power supply that is well-suited for industrial and laboratory use.
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