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MKS FI20160-1
ID: 9164696
Microwave power supply For PSK DAS3 Etcher.
MKS FI20160-1 is a precision, constant current and voltage power supply module that is designed to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Ideal for a variety of distributed power applications, this power supply can be used in multiple configurations to provide a reliable, high-performance power source for laboratory and commercial applications. FI20160-1 power supply module is designed to provide both constant current and voltage outputs while achieving stabilized power levels while ensuring accuracy under varying operating conditions. It contains integrated MOSFET transistors that integrate into the power supply design for maximum efficiency and stability. The power output is adjustable and controlled via a potentiometer and current limiting devices on the surface. The output voltage and current levels are precisely maintained to deliver a steady direct current output that is stable and capable of providing the highest possible level of performance. MKS FI20160-1 also features constant monitoring and protection features that are designed to protect the power supply from overloads and short-circuits. The design of FI20160-1 includes some of the most advanced technologies in the market, such as isolated switching, power factor correction, and current monitoring. The power factor correction technology ensures that the highest efficiency levels are reached while maintaining a constant output voltage and current by controlling the amount of power coming in from the AC power source. The current monitoring feature allows the user to precisely control the power output and to monitor the output current levels for optimal performance. MKS FI20160-1 also includes protections such as over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection, and also acts as an insulation controller which helps maintain a stable power output by protecting the power supply components against electrical noise and EMI. The reliability and unquestionable quality of FI20160-1 module make it a top choice for both commercial and laboratory applications.
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