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MKS FI20162-1
ID: 9165175
Microwave power supplies For PSK DAS3 Etcher.
MKS FI20162-1 is a power supply designed to satisfy a variety of laboratory, industrial, and commercial applications. The power supply features output ratings of 200V, and 0-30A, and offers digital current and voltage readouts withLED displays. The power supply is a single output source, so it can be applied to systems requiring single voltage and current inputs. The power supply is designed with an active power factor correction which optimizes performance. This ensures that the output current increases in linear proportion to load change. It operates with 12V to 24V AC/DC input and features an adjustable current limit with LED status indicator. The power supply has several features to ensure that it remains safe and efficient. The fan filter is designed to draw cool air through the power supply. In order to prevent over-voltage and over-current protection, the PSU boasts a synchronous rectification circuit, prevent the voltage from going over the maximum output rating. The power supply also has strong overheat protection, over-current protection, and ESD protection. MKS FI 20162-1 also features a USB port, which enables users to monitor and control the power supply parameters from PC or other devices such as tablets or smartphones through free software MKS-APPS. The unit can be easily monitored through the LCD display which shows output voltage and current respectively. The PSU is reliable and consists of high quality, corrosion-resistant components with an operating temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. It provides excellent voltage and current regulation, and its compact size allows users to mount it anywhere. FI20162-1 is a great choice for a variety of projects requiring a reliable power supply and efficient performance. It boasts great features such as active power factor correction and USB port for monitoring purposes, all in a compact size.
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