Used MKS GEW-3540 #9164989 for sale

MKS GEW-3540
ID: 9164989
RF Generators P/N: 2L39-000005-23 For TEL Vigus etcher.
MKS GEW-3540 power supply is an adjustable, precision regulated power supply that offers a highly reliable and quiet environment. It is equipped with a 40A/1200W output, perfect for powering a variety of devices such as computers, servers, and lab equipment. This model additionally has a 4-digit LCD display for adjustable voltage and current readouts and fine-tuning. GEW-3540 features a digitally controlled, externally adjustable voltage and current setting. The voltage can be set at a maximum of 35 Volts/35 Amps in 0.1V/ 0.1A increments. It also includes multiple protection features such as over voltage protection, output short circuit protection, and an adjustable current limit. It also includes protection against accidental reverse voltage and an external remote on/off control. Additionally, it also includes a power factor corrector (PFC), which improves the efficiency and reduces total harmonics distortion (THD), giving the unit better performance and lower power consumption. In addition, MKS GEW-3540 has several user interface controls. Its LED indicators give visual indication of the unit's operating status and allow for easy system monitoring. A rotary knob allows for the voltage settings to be easily adjusted. The keypad is used for making more complex settings. The LCD panel gives clear readouts of the set voltage, current values, output power, voltage current peak, and other readings. The unit also includes four output terminals that provide easy access to the load connections. Overall, GEW-3540 power supply is a high-performance, adjustable, precision regulated power supply. It is well-equipped with adjustable current and voltage settings, several user interface controls, protection features, a power factor corrector, and output terminals for easy connections. This makes it a great option for powering a wide range of computers, servers, and lab equipment.
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