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MKS MW2-500340
ID: 9164657
Match boxes P/N: 2L39-000011-24 For TEL Vigus Etcher.
MKS MW2-500340 is a state-of-the-art programmable power supply designed to provide accurate and reliable power for applications in multiple industries. MW2-500340 can utilize a wide range of voltage and current ranges (from 0 to 500V and 0 to 180A, respectively), allowing it to be configured according to the specific requirements of the application. Its digital display provides easy-to-read programming and setpoint information. MKS MW2-500340 is equipped with several features that make it highly reliable and durable. It has an integrated over-current protection with multiple safety limits that ensure a safe operation. It also has temperature protection, which reduces risks of overheating when the unit is overloaded or has insufficient ventilation. With its automatic restart feature, MW2-500340 is able to recover from power interruptions or other unexpected events. MKS MW2-500340 has several advanced programming capabilities. It allows for control of voltage, current, setpoint, ramp, slew rate, sequence, and memory recall. Additionally, the unit's graphical user interface provides intuitive step-by-step guidance with various functions, including editing, loading, and saving. MW2-500340 is designed to be compatible with a variety of industrial control systems. It can be easily linked to fieldbus networks such as Ethernet, Profinet, and Profibus, as well as interface with a host PC through USB or RS232 interface. The unit can also be interfaced with I/O modules, making it suitable for a variety of applications. MKS MW2-500340 is the ideal power supply for laboratory, testing, and industrial applications. Its versatile programming options and reliable protection features make it an efficient and versatile tool for power management. Its proven performance and long operational lifetime make it one of the most reliable power supplies available on the market.
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