Used MKS MWD-25LD #9160309 for sale

ID: 9160309
Vintage: 2005
Impedance matching network Voltage: 24 DC Volts 2005 vintage.
MKS MWD-25LD is a DC regulated linear power supply designed for medical, industrial, and laboratory use. MWD-25LD offers a wide range of adjustable voltages and current limits that make it ideal for a variety of applications. MKS MWD-25LD's output voltage range is adjustable from 0-25V and its current limiting range is continuously adjustable from 0-10A. It offers both serial and parallel connections for voltage and current regulation as well as a low ripple of 40mVrms. MWD-25LD also provides a digital display for voltage and current setting, making it easy to use. MKS MWD-25LD is built with a rugged aluminum housing that dissipates heat and overloads during operation. It features built-in overvoltage and current protection that ensures stable operation even in the presence of frequent input voltage and current fluctuations. MWD-25LD also incorporates several safety features, such as a user adjustable overtemperature protection and an overheat indicator. MKS MWD-25LD offers a variety of output connections, including banana plugs, dual sets of binding posts, and spring-loaded terminals. This allows for the connection of a variety of components including capacitors, resistors, and other loads. The unit is compatible with AC or DC input, allowing for use in a wide variety of operating environments. MWD-25LD is a reliable and user-friendly power supply, ideal for a variety of medical, industrial and laboratory applications. Its wide adjustable output range, built-in protection features, and variety of output connections make it an ideal choice for high reliability applications.
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