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ID: 9164650
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MKS MWH-100 is a high-performance, highly efficient AC-DC power supply designed for use in a variety of industrial applications. It features an input voltage range of 90-264 VSAC, with a wide range of power-output ratings and configurations. The unit's power factor correction circuit is designed to improve the power factor by effectively redistributing energy and reducing losses, resulting in increased efficiency. It also features an input overvoltage protection circuit, which works to prevent damage to the unit and connected loads in the event of a sudden voltage surge. The output is regulated by a closed-loop circuit, which works to maintain a steady output voltage despite changes in the input voltage. The adjustable output voltage range is adjustable from 0-120 VDC, with a line regulation of 0.1%. Additionally, the output current and power are adjustable from 0-10A and 0-70W, respectively. Additionally, the unit features two output protection circuits, which work to protect the load against both overcurrent and overvoltage conditions. Another important feature of MWH-100 is its active power factor control function, which helps to reduce harmonics in the input line and improve its efficiency. The unit also features over-temperature and over-current protection, and a built-in over-voltage protector. Additionally, it is CE approved and meets the relevant safety standards of IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and 61558-2-16. Designed with internal cooling fans to ensure optimal performance, MKS MWH-100 is a reliable and powerful choice for a range of industrial power supply needs. Its simple interface and wide array of safety features make it a great choice for both commercial and industrial applications.
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