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MKS Nova-25A
ID: 9164998
RF plasma generators For PSK TERA21 etcher.
MKS Nova-25A is a high-performance, adaptable AC-DC power supply from MKS brand, one of the leading names in the field of power supplies. This unit is designed to provide up to 25 amps of power in an efficient, continuous manner, making it the perfect choice for applications where excellent power distribution is crucial. Nova-25A comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly set up and fine-tune your output settings. It features adjustable voltage and current, AC/DC protection, current limiting, and thermal shut down capabilities. The power supplies' efficient design ensures that power is properly distributed and that overheating is prevented, making this an ideal choice for industrial and electronics applications. MKS Nova-25A includes two terminals for ground connection, three for output, and one ground/shield connection. It is equipped with over-voltage and over-current protection, adjustable voltage and current limiting, audible alarm, and adjustable current peak during start-up. The unit also features automatic frequency compensation, state of the art network fault protection, and a single stage DC regulation loop. In addition, Nova-25A features an independent current sensing circuit, a DC load-shifting circuit, and an output overload protection circuit. Another stand-out feature of MKS Nova-25A is its total output power capacity. Thanks to its high safety ratings and total power output of 600 watts, this power supply is ideal for a wide range of industrial and electronics applications. Moreover, this power supply is compliant with numerous safety standards, including EN60950 and IEC60601, making it the perfect choice for both medical and non-medical industrial uses. When it comes to affordability, Nova-25A is a highly affordable solution, with costs typically under $400. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of users, allowing for the construction of products for both high-performance and entry-level applications. Finally, MKS Nova-25A is a highly reliable power supply. The unit features a long-life design, thanks to its durable materials and construction. The unit is also constructed with minimal heat generation for maximum safety and stability. With its number of features and durable construction, Nova-25A is the perfect power supply for any industrial, electronics, or medical application.
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