Used MKS OPT-100Z-00 #9164612 for sale

MKS OPT-100Z-00
ID: 9164612
DC Power supplies for AMAT Endura Process: Metal.
MKS OPT-100Z-00 is a custom designed modular power supply equipment. It features high-efficiency components, a robust design and many useful features that make it ideal for use in projects requiring high-performance, reliable power supply. The base system includes two main components: a main power supply (MPS) and a secondary power unit (SPS). The MPS consists of an AC-to-DC rectifier, a high-voltage transformer, a full-bridge rectifier, and an active power factor control (PFC) module. This power unit produces a high-quality DC voltage from AC input power, and provides overload and short-circuit protection. The SPS consists of a DC-to-DC converter, a full-conversion regulator, and an efficiency controller with an adjustable output voltage from 0 to +100 volts. The output voltage can be controlled by manually adjusting the voltage selection switch or by controlling it using the optional remote interface (RS232 or I2C). The SPS is designed to provide a clean, reliable power supply with a wide output voltage range suitable for powering DC equipment like motors, solenoids, and valves. OPT-100Z-00 is largely modular in construction, so it is easy to customize the machine for specific applications. The modular design also makes it easy to upgrade parts of the tool in the future as technology advances. MKS OPT-100Z-00 is designed for use in laboratories, educational applications, industrial and commercial settings, and other environments that require reliable power with excellent performance and high efficiency ratings. OPT-100Z-00 is designed to work well with various types of load and can handle heavy AC current up to 300 Amps. With its high-efficiency components and robust design, it is suitable for supplying power to a wide variety of applications including robotics, automation systems, industrial processes, and many other applications. MKS OPT-100Z-00 is also easy to install and configure. It includes a safety cover, a user manual, and a warranty. For added convenience, it comes with a USB programming cable, which allows for remote control and management of the asset. Overall, OPT-100Z-00 is a reliable, high-performance and efficient power supply model that can be customized to meet the user's exact needs. Its modular design and features make it suitable for a variety of applications in many different environments. It is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable, high-performance power supply.
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