Used MOTOROLA S-1347D #9165347 for sale

ID: 9165347
Power supply 20V-5A.
MOTOROLA S-1347D is a power supply designed for powering and controlling electronic equipment. This high performance power supply is ideal for providing constant, stable and safe power to any electronic device. S-1347D is a high quality product offering a vast range of advanced features. MOTOROLA S-1347D features a DC output voltage range of 0-30 volts and adjustable current rating of 0-36A. Its wide input voltage range of 110Vac to 300Vac allows the user to power the unit from any AC power source worldwide. In addition, the power supply has a temperature controlled fan that keeps its internal operating temperature within optimal operating parameters, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. S-1347D comes with a standard interface for monitoring and control. It features adjustable over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection, preventing equipment from being damaged by power surges. The power supply also has a built-in current sensing system with adjustable current limit. This feature allows users to precisely control the amount of current drawn by their equipment. MOTOROLA S-1347D includes a number of diagnostic and safety features, including forced-air cooling, protection from overload and an adjustable auto-restart. This ensures that the equipment will not be damaged from sudden power outages or if the power cord is accidentally disconnected. The power supply also features a low harmonic distortion, which eliminates electrical noise from the equipment. S-1347D is the perfect choice for powering and controlling electronic equipment. It offers a wide range of advanced features, high precision current control, advanced diagnostic and safety features, and wide input voltage range. Furthermore, its compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance. With its many features and capabilities, MOTOROLA S-1347D is the clear choice for powering and controlling any electronic or electrical equipment.
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