Used MUEGGER MX 4000X-111KL #9166058 for sale

ID: 9166058
Microwave power supply.
MUEGGER MX 4000X-111KL is a power supply designed for a variety of applications, ranging from gaming and entertainment systems to medical equipment. This powerful device provides up to 400 Watts of output with single 12V rail, and 110 Amp of continuous delivery for reliable and efficient power delivery. It is also compatible with 115/230V AC input. MX 4000X-111KL features 140mm of depth, allowing it to fit easily into standard ATX cases. It comes with excellent heat dissipation capabilities, which ensures optimal performance and reliable operation. It features an extremely powerful four-rail +12V design that delivers nearly twice the power of conventional designs, and allows greater flexibility for advanced users. This power system is also equipped with specialized lightning support circuitry that helps protect your system from power fluctuations and surges. MUEGGER MX 4000X-111KL is also equipped with an 80 Plus Gold certified efficiency rating of up to 92%, allowing it to provide superior output and reliability, while also helping you save money by using less energy. Furthermore, it is equipped with a universal voltage input, allowing you to tweak the voltage to match the specific requirements of your device or system. An installed thermally controlled 120mm fan helps keep the device cool and noise free while providing maximum airflow for efficient cooling. In additional to its high performance capability, MX 4000X-111KL is fully compliant with international safety standards and also features over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection. It also features flat ribbon-style cables that make the cable management process easier and help reduce clutter, as well as reduce resistance in the cables. MUEGGER MX 4000X-111KL is a reliable, high-performing, and powerful power supply that is suitable for a range of users and their different needs and applications. With its universal voltage input and robust safety features, this power supply is a great choice for anyone looking for outstanding performance and value.
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