Used NAPTECH 2643A03908 #9185534 for sale

NAPTECH 2643A03908
ID: 9185534
Power supply.
NAPTECH 2643A03908 is an open-frame industrial-grade switch-mode power supply designed for a wide variety of powered device applications that require a reliable power source. It has a 120-Volt AC input, allowing it to reliably provide up to 240 watts of continuous output power with a wide range of operating temperatures and humidity levels. This power supply features multiple switching output stages, allowing it to deliver over 20 unique output voltages. Its small space-saving size and efficiency make it an ideal choice for many power system designs. 2643A03908 has multiple protections and safeguards that help protect your equipment from damage. These include a range of over-voltage, over-current, and overtemperature shut-off functions. This power supply can also operate in harsh environments and still maintain excellent power quality, making it ideal for applications in environments with high ambient temperatures, such as high-performance scientific instrumentation and industrial equipment. Its robust construction and wide operating temperature range also makes it suitable for outdoor use and in hostile environments. NAPTECH 2643A03908 has a built-in EMI-RFI filter which reduces interference and provides a clean power source for sensitive electronics. Its high efficiency power circuitry also prevents excessive heat dissipation. This power supply also includes a set of control features which can be used to adjust the desired voltage output. It also has a power monitoring feature which allows the user to easily monitor the power input and output. 2643A03908 is a highly reliable, efficient, and space-saving power supply. It provides wide range of protections and safeguards for your equipment and comes with a wide operating temperature range. Its high efficiency power circuitry combined with its advanced filtering make it ideal for applications that require clean and reliable power.
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