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NAPTECH 3031A08050
ID: 9185533
Power supply.
NAPTECH 3031A08050 is a power supply module designed for applications requiring an adjustable, regulated output voltage. This is accomplished through an isolated DC/DC converter with a built-in differential input/output voltage capability. Its output of 50V/400mA enables it to be used in applications such as power conditioning up to 5VDC or in charging higher-voltage applications. The thirty-three watt 3031A08050 is constructed with a toroidal transformer and is designed for general-purpose use in applications such as process control, instrumentation, and remote sensing. It is available in a wide range of input voltage options to accommodate virtually any system requirement. The input connector can be configured to accept voltages ranging from 2 to 27 VDC. Furthermore, it offers short circuit protection, overtemperature protection and an adjustable output voltage control. Its output voltage adjustment range is 0 to 15V. The DC/DC converter includes a synchronous rectifier for improved efficiency and low output ripple. NAPTECH 3031A08050 is equipped with a high-speed under-voltage lockout circuit which automatically adjusts the output voltage when input voltage drops to a preset level. It also features a selection of boards and modules that extend its system flexibility to keep up with changing customer requirements. Designed for both environmental and industrial applications, 3031A08050 power supply module is qualified to meet safety, EMI and reliability requirements. It is protected against electrical shock hazards and also includes a current limiter to prevent excessive output current. Its enclosure conforms to safety standards IEC 60950-1 and is also suitable for hazardous environments in surrounding temperatures ranging from -20 to +70°C. Overall, NAPTECH 3031A08050 is an ideal solution for demanding applications that require an adjustable, regulated output voltage in the range of 0-50V and 400 mA. It offers superior performance and reliability while still being cost effective. Additionally, its wide range input and output flexibility make 3031A08050 suitable for a wide range of applications.
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