Used NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPG-10KM #9165060 for sale

ID: 9165060
RF Generators For APPLIED MATERIALS producer CVD system.
NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPG-10KM is a 10kVA power supply with a power factor of 0.99 engineered to drive a variety of plasma cutting and welding applications. It features a sine wave output voltage and frequency of 120V/220V AC, an output current rating of 120A/208A, and an input voltage range of 198V-478V 3ø AC. This versatile power supply is used for the most demanding plasma cutting, welding, and marking operations for an array of materials and applications. NPP NPG-10KM is designed with a highly efficient power conversion system that is capable of delivering up to 10 kW of output power on a continuous basis while consuming low levels of electricity. This efficiency makes it ideal for harsh, industrial environments where power usage is at a premium. Additionally, the power supply features an Intelligent Arc-Fault Detection Module (ICAS), which automatically detects when the arc voltage reaches a given level and cuts off the current to prevent dangerous arc-faults. This feature makes it safer to use than some traditional plasma power supplies. The power supply is enclosed in a robust aluminum housing with a cooling fan attached to it. This fan helps keep the interior components cool during heavy duty operation, preventing them from overheating. Additionally, NEW POWER PLASMA NPG-10KM has a low EMI/EMC susceptibility, meaning that it generates low levels of interference and can be used in close proximity to sensitive electronic equipment. NPG-10KM also helps reduce operating costs by providing automatic shut-off protection when the temperature inside the housing reaches a certain threshold; this saves energy and prolongs the life of the device. It also has a removable terminal block for easy wiring and a low power indicator that gives an early warning before the power supply fails. NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPG-10KM is also UL and CSA approved for use in North American markets, so users can count on its safety and reliability. Overall, NPP NPG-10KM is an advanced 10kVA power supply that is ideal for demanding plasma cutting, welding and marking operations. Its efficiency and low power consumption as well as its advanced safety features make it a wise choice for industrial and other professional applications.
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