Used NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPMT-NV07-01 #9164655 for sale

ID: 9164655
Match box For NOVELLUS Sequel CVD system.
NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPMT-NV07-01 is a cutting-edge power supply designed to deliver reliable, efficient power to a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The device features an advanced power module technology (PMT) that offers an improved efficiency and increased power density for a lower total cost of ownership. NPP NPMT-NV07-01 also has an integrated fanless cooling equipment to ensure the high-powered power supply runs smoothly and reliably in a wide range of operating temperatures. NEW POWER PLASMA NPMT-NV07-01 boasts an impressive output power capacity of 1000 watts, allowing it to be easily installed in small yet demanding workplace settings. It is certified to the latest safety and quality standards, including UL and CUL, as well as CE and ENEC. The device features an active PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, designed to help reduce power losses and electrical noises, and offers an energy saving of up to 99%. NPMT-NV07-01 also includes an overload protection system to keep the device running safely for reliable continuous operation, while a temperature protection unit further safeguards against thermal stresses. The unit is described as "Fully Load Regulated" and offers an output voltage accuracy of ±1%. Other features of the power supply include soft start, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and a fanless cooling machine for quiet operation. NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPMT-NV07-01 features a compact design - measuring only 8" x 8" x 3.6" - meaning it can be easily mounted and deployed in tight spaces. The connection terminals on the device make it easy to hook up to other equipment, while the included adapter cables make for easy installation. NPP power supply also comes with a 5-year warranty, testifying to its durable performance. In sum, NPP NPMT-NV07-01 is a reliable, efficient power supply designed to keep up with the high demands of industrial and commercial applications. Its advanced power module technology offers improvements in power density and efficiency, while its integrated cooling and overload protection systems ensure the unit runs smoothly and safely. The device is also lightweight and compact in design, and comes with a 5-year warranty.
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