Used NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPRLC-400 #9165073 for sale

ID: 9165073
RF Generators For APPLIED MATERIALS Producer, CVD System.
The NEWPOWER PLASMANEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPRLC-400 is an innovative and easy-to-use power supply for applications requiring a steady source of power over long periods of time. It is perfect for powering high-load entertainment devices or any other electronic equipment that requires a consistent and reliable power source. NPP NPRLC-400 features a high quality design that boasts efficient operation and advanced protection features such as over-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit and over-current protection. This power supply is built to provide a steady and reliable output even under the most adverse conditions. NEW POWER PLASMA NPRLC-400 is equipped with a built-in digital display that allows users to easily monitor and adjust output current and voltage. It also features a programmable peak current which can be set to an optimal level, thus providing an ideal maximum current output for a wide variety of electronic devices. NPRLC-400 also offers adjustable operating frequencies up to 1000 kHz, which helps to reduce acoustic noise and improve the efficiency of the power supply. In addition, NEW POWER PLASMA / NPP NPRLC-400 has an integrated overload switch that helps to prevent damage to the connected equipment should the internal limits of the power supply be surpassed. This power supply is also equipped with a remote ON/OFF switch that will allow users to control it remotely from any convenient location. In conclusion, the NEWPOWER PLASMANPP NPRLC-400 is a high performance and efficient power supply that can be used in applications where long-term, reliable power delivery is essential. It is easy to use and setup, and it helps to protect connected equipment from over-current and abnormal conditions. This power supply is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure source of power.
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