Used NIHON KOSHUHA MKN-502-3S2B03-PS #9164786 for sale

ID: 9164786
Micro wave power supply For TEL Spa diffuser.
NIHON KOSHUHA MKN-502-3S2B03-PS is a type of high-performance power supply that provides users with reliable and efficient electrical energy. This power supply is highly compact, yet is able to deliver up to 480W of power, far exceeding the needs of most applications. It features a range of short circuit and overload protection functions to ensure reliable performance and excellent protection from overcurrent or excessive thermal events. MKN-502-3S2B03-PS features top-of-the-line triple output DC switching power supply technology that utilizes switching transistors instead of linear regulators to generate an output voltage. This allows it to output high power and maintains a high efficiency that is more reliable and less costly over the long-term. This power supply also features several advanced control functions such as output soft start, cycle-by-cycle over-current protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection. The power supply also features forced air cooling for reliable operation in a wide range of applications. Its highly efficient construction includes a copper-based heat sink that allows cooling air to flow directly onto the power supply for maximum cooling efficiency. A built-in fan ensures effective cooling for even harder working conditions. Its temperature protection features ensure the power supply won't overheat and shut down unexpectedly. NIHON KOSHUHA MKN-502-3S2B03-PS is a switching mode power supply with a wide input voltage range. It automatically identifies its input voltage and adjusts the output voltage accordingly. It also has internal power and over-voltage protection, as well as a temperature protection feature that will shut down the power supply in the event of overheating. MKN-502-3S2B03-PS's wide range of features makes it perfect for use in a variety of applications including home and automotive audio systems, industrial automation equipment, white goods, automation machines, and many more. Its low cost and high reliability make it a great choice for any application where reliable and efficient electrical energy is required.
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