Used NUNOME ELECTRIC NET 6930AEX #9163783 for sale

ID: 9163783
Transformer With Fuji breakers.
NUNOME ELECTRIC NET 6930AEX is a triple output switched mode power supply (SMPS) specifically designed for industrial applications. It provides an adjustable output voltage of 24 ± 0.5V, 12 ± 0.25V and 5 ± 0.15V with a total output power up to 69.3W. This SMPS is capable of operating under a wide AC input voltage range from 100V to 240V and can be operated in either constant current or constant voltage mode. NET 6930AEX features high efficiency, low power consumption and a small footprint, making it ideal for a diverse range of industrial settings. It has a rugged aluminum chassis and conforms to international safety requirements. The unit is also equipped with over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection to ensure safe operation. In terms of technical performance, NUNOME ELECTRIC NET 6930AEX has an input surge current of 50A, a minimum switching frequency of 70 kHz and a ripple/noise of 150 mVpp under no-load conditions. Its line regulation is 0.2%, its load regulation is 0.4%, and its efficiency is 80 to 83%. The power supply also has a hold-up time of 18ms, and a start-up time of 150ms. NET 6930AEX comes with a three-year product warranty, giving customers peace of mind when using the product in their applications. This SMPS is RoHS compliant, and is designed to work in a temperature range of -10ºC to +60ºC, allowing for sufficient stability and durability. It also features ripple and noise suppression filters and general EMI filter circuits for minimal EMI emissions and improved immunity. In conclusion, NUNOME ELECTRIC NET 6930AEX is a versatile and efficient switch mode power supply that is designed for industrial applications. Its adjustable output, wide AC input voltage range, efficient performance, and protection features make this product an ideal choice for many types of applications.
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