Used PDI Wavestar #9181236 for sale

ID: 9181236
Wafer Size: 2010
Power distribution units (PDU) 2010 vintage.
PDI Wavestar is a rapidly programmable power supply designed for a variety of applications, particularly for the manufacture of high-quality electronic components and systems. It's designed to meet the needs of both experienced engineers and novices alike. Wavestar is compact, robust, and reliable, with a single unit capable of providing up to 500-CW output power or 400VPC output. PDI Wavestar has a wide range of features to enhance its versatility and performance. Its intuitive design and graphical user interface makes programming a breeze. The front panel LCD display offers real-time data and information in addition to control. Advanced safety features include over-temperature protection, current limiting, and built-in E06 protection. Wavestar has a range of output parameters that can be programmed with ease. This includes system voltage, current, voltage protection, frequency, output slew, phase, and more. PDI Wavestar supports a wide range of waveform types, including sine, triangle, ramp, and square waveforms, which are ideal for both testing and power applications. Wavestar is designed to be highly efficient and cost-effective. It features a high frequency switching mode that reduces power consumption and improves performance. The efficiency and power output are further enhanced by its isolated output stage and high-quality components. Remote control of PDI Wavestar is possible using RS485 and USB protocols. This feature provides easy access and control over its various parameters anytime, anywhere. In addition, Wavestar is also compatible with LabView and MATLAB software. PDI Wavestar is a quality power supply ideal for a variety of applications and users. Its well thought out and advanced functionalities make it both reliable and useful, while its intuitive user interface makes programming a simple and pleasant task. Its compact size and efficiency make it the perfect choice for any test and power requirements.
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