Used PEARL KOGYO RP-3000-100MK-PS #9164659 for sale

ID: 9164659
Match box For SEMES Montblanc Etcher.
PEARL KOGYO RP-3000-100MK-PS is a high-end, 100-Watt, DC switching power supply designed for applications such as industrial, control, automation, and communication equipment. Its output voltage can be adjusted between +5 VDC and +32 VDC, with a maximum output current of 2.5 Amps. This digital power supply is equipped with an LCD display, allowing the user to monitor output voltage, current, and total current usage. RP-3000-100MK-PS offers a variety of features such as an auto-shutdown feature to protect connected circuitry from overvoltage and over-current; a low-noise fan design which ensures low-noise operation; and high-efficiency, energy-saving circuitry. It features highly accurate digital control with ±0.5 % output voltage, ±2 % output current accuracy. The power supply is also protected against overheat, overvoltage, overpower, and short-circuit conditions. PEARL KOGYO RP-3000-100MK-PS features an EMI-shielded case which ensures minimized electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for use in places where electromagnetic emissions must be minimized. The power supply meets RoHS and CE requirements, and its certification is compliant with global safety standards. It is UL and CUL listed. RP-3000-100MK-PS has multiple built-in protections and alarms, including current limit, voltage overshoot, overvoltage, and reverse polarity protection. Additionally, the power supply has an integrated LED indicator which indicates input status and output voltage, helping the user maintain a healthy power system. It is also certified for operation in a temperature range of 0-40 °C, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Overall, PEARL KOGYO RP-3000-100MK-PS is a high-end, reliable power supply which offers flexible output voltage and current, minimal EMI, integrated protection and alarms, and UL and CUL certification. This makes it an ideal choice for industrial, control, automation, and communication equipment.
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