Used PLASMATHERM HFS 3000E #9167518 for sale

HFS 3000E
ID: 9167518
Vintage: 1978
Power supply 19" Rack mount designation 1978 vintage.
PLASMATHERM HFS 3000E is the next generation of power supply designed for use in high-frequency silicon processing. It is a complete power supply that is composed of a single rack mounted module and capable of outputting up to 3 kW of constant power. It features a wide range of voltage and frequency settings, allowing users to easily adapt the power supply for varying silicon processes. HFS 3000E design is based on a full-bridge, double-ended topology using robust gate-driven semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, SCRs, and FETs. This topology provides high efficiency, low switching losses and optimized EMI and thermal footprints. It also ensures fast and smooth voltage/current switching due to low propagation delays. PLASMATHERM HFS 3000E utilizes a fully adjustable output with a wide and smooth power line to allow high-efficiency power delivery for a wide range of process requirements. Additionally, the power supply is equipped with a dual-channel PFC (Power Factor Corrector) to provide a low total harmonic distortion (THD) of the delivered power. HFS 3000E is also equipped with safeguards to protect against over-voltage, over-currents and overheating, providing a fail-safe and reliable power delivery. The temperature setting and monitoring can be done manually or via an external control input. The unit is also equipped with internal temperature sensor, allowing for a better understanding of the unit's thermal behavior and avoids losses due to over-heating. PLASMATHERM HFS 3000E also features an advanced monitoring and control system with a graphical user interface, which is used to monitor and control all the power parameters. This system is compatible with many modern industry-standard controllers. HFS 3000E GUI also allows users to easily manage and monitor the settings, errors, and status of the power supply. In summary, PLASMATHERM HFS 3000E is a powerful, efficient, and reliable power supply for use in high frequency and high-precision silicon processing. It features a robust topology and power delivery, advanced safeguards and monitoring capabilities, as well as a user-friendly graphical interface. Furthermore, its compatibility with many modern controllers makes it suitable for Industry 4.0 and other specialized applications.
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