Used PLATING ELECTRONIC GmbH PE 8101 #9162224 for sale

ID: 9162224
PLATING ELECTRONIC GmbH PE 8101 is a high-quality power supply unit that offers reliability and stability for powering electronic equipment. This power supply is equipped with high-grade components that provide exceptional performance and durability. It has a compact construction and is made from industrial grade materials for long-term use. PE 8101 features an overload protection mechanism that prevents short circuits and helps to avoid damage to connected devices. The power supply has a single phase input voltage range of 110V/220V AC, and delivers a continuous output current of up to 10A, with an output voltage of 12V DC. The power supply has adjustable output voltage from 0-15V, and a manual power switch for on/off control. It comes with screw type terminal blocks for making connections easy and effortless. Additionally, the power supply has an advanced thermal shutoff function to prevent damage due to overheating. In addition, the unit is EMC compliant, meaning that it reduces conducted interference and radiation. The power supply also has an LCD display for easy reading of output voltage and current values. It is suitable for all types of commercial, industrial and scientific applications. It is lightweight, compact and easy to install, making it a perfect choice for a wide variety of projects. The power supply also offers an additional connection port for a connection to the monitoring circuitry of the system. This port allows for accurate monitoring and diagnosis of the system's performance. The monitoring circuitry can be set up to provide feedback on current, output voltage, and input voltage levels. The power supply comes with an optional power cable that connects to the power supply with an efficient connection. The cable features an insulating sleeve that protects against electric shocks and helps reduce energy loss. In conclusion, PLATING ELECTRONIC GmbH PE 8101 power supply is an outstanding product that offers exceptional reliability and stability for powering electronic equipment. It has a compact design and a range of convenient features, including an overload protection mechanism, adjustable output voltage, and LCD display. It is EMC compliant and suitable for commercial, industrial and scientific applications. The additional connection port and optional power cable round off the robust design, making this power supply an ideal choice for any project.
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