Used POWERVAR ABC302-11 #9176267 for sale

ID: 9176267
Power conditioner 3.0 Power supply.
POWERVAR ABC302-11 is an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) designed to provide reliable power to critical loads during short or long power disruptions. This single-phase UPS system is equipped with active PFC (power factor correction) technology and outputs up to 5kVA (kilo volt-amp) of power. ABC302-11 is equipped with an LCD status display indicating a variety of system parameters including input and output voltage, load levels, and battery status levels. This UPS can be manually controlled through a set of buttons along the front panel, allowing users to switch it on/off and change input and output voltages. It also has an RS232 serial port allowing for a more detailed control of its settings. POWERVAR ABC302-11 is designed to operate on a single phase input voltage of 110/208V; it features a wide input voltage range and offers output voltages of 120V or 208V with an efficiency rating of up to 92%. This UPS also has built-in surge and spike protection to shield against current spikes as well as a battery discharge notify function to identify low battery levels prior to failure. ABC302-11 has a sine waveform output and is UL-certified for use in a wide variety of applications and industries. It also has an extended battery run time for long power outages, surge protection for sensitive electronics, low noise operation and protection against short-circuit outages. This POWERVAR ABC302-11 Uninterruptable Power Supply is an efficient and reliable solution for providing reliable power backup for critical business needs. Its capability to withstand various power levels and supply up to 5kVA of output makes it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications. Its UL certification and extended battery run time are an added assurance to provide reliable protection for essential loads during power outages.
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