Used POWERWARE 0190-22226 #9172222 for sale

POWERWARE 0190-22226
ID: 9172222
Uninterruptable power system.
POWERWARE 0190-22226 is a high-efficiency power supply designed to provide a reliable source of protected power to critical business electronic equipment. It is designed to provide up to 170 watts of continuous output power and can support a wide range of power requirements, including extreme temperatures and harsh environments. It is RoHS compliant, UL/CSA listed and has been designed with global safety standards in mind. The design offers a universal input range of 90-264 volts that allows for usage in both Europe and the United States, and it has a power factor correction of 0.98 and an average efficiency rating of 87%. 0190-22226 features an adjustable output voltage range of 12-48 volts, allowing for easy customisation for any application. Additionally, the unit is designed with built-in surge, overvoltage, and overload protection that can help safeguard against any accidental power surges, overvoltage, or overloading. The unit is designed to ensure long life, reliable performance and silent operation. It uses a high-efficiency fan design that is thermally regulated to reduce unnecessary noise levels. It also features a self-reset, auto recovery function when an over-temperature condition occurs and the cooling fan stops operating. In addition, POWERWARE 0190-22226 features a hot swap circuit breaker that can be used for easy disconnect in the event of a power surge or overload. This allows for a secure connection when switching power sources as there will be no residual current in the power terminal. It also includes key in/out indicators to indicate when the power source is connected or disconnected from the device. Overall, 0190-22226 is a high-quality and reliable power supply, designed to ensure the safety of your equipment and provide superior power protection. It is the perfect choice for critical and sensitive electronic applications.
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